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Every Step Taken; Chapter Four

user image 2012-11-20
By: Graf Shuvalov
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My brothers note still lingered in my mind how dare he is all I could think. I paced the room, my eyes focused on the flickering flames of the fire. Lady Stewart was behind me, in a rare moment of being selfless, she continued, trying to pacify me. She reminded me, that despite he was accepted by society, my brother was not accepted by court. The now proclaimed legitimate son of an Earl and actressthats what he isand will remain. I paced around her room, the lady was seated gracefully on the couch, she looked at me, not words were spoken, but her eyes said it all he could never become heir.

She continued, in a words that amazed me you never do act like the heir though I looked over; eyes narrowed again how do you mean? I question. Youve been on the island so far, three months? Have you visited the court of Naples? Have you made arrangements to meet your fathers business partners? Have you collected anything to take home? I lowered my eyes, falling into a chair, followed by a deep sigh I suppose I ought to more. She responded in her typical ways ought to do more is an understatement. Need I remind you, you are the heir of the Earls of Rushcliffe. I responded stupidly to her, I know that. To that, she simply said act like it. In that moment, I realized she, and others were right. Here, at a moment of questioning, I was letting my temper get the better of me, I sat, nay; I slouched in a chair, hardly dressed as a gentleman. I looked nothing more than a bloke off the street. In contrast, Lady Stewart was elegantly seated, back straightened, head held up high, accessories and dressed, ready to receive kings.

It was then I decided, I must become what was intended, and act the way I should. I leaned up, and fixed my posture, and looked over, very well, I shall. She seemed pleased about it, and went off in her normal blabber, finery and dresses for Versailles. I interrupted her in the middle with the simple words I will not attend court. I could have sworn her jaw would fall off. But why?? An Invitation too Versailles?? At the Hand of a Duchess, are you stupid? No I responded, confidently Im intelligent, and know my boundaries. I have no place there, shall I be scorned by the French? Will I waste a fortune on outfits I shall hardly wear again? I got up from the chair, and walked over to the window, gazing out across the Villas lawn. The Obelisk looked like a giant sundial, telling the time with its shadow. But its VersaillesI cut her off its the court of the French, and I belong to the court of the English. I will not talk more about it. With a rustling of silks, I could hear that she got up, taking steps towards me what about the duchess?I quietly remarked Im not as interested as she may be. I turned to face her, her face in awe. I smiled at her and said As Heir, I need to see to my fathers business and bit her good day, closing the door to her apartments as I left. It was time I got to know my fathers associates.

Aldo Stern
22 Nov 2012 09:10:18AM @aldo-stern:

Upon my return from meeting with my "friends" in Caserta (the unexplained disappearance of Achille's cousin the sacristan at the old cathedral still concerns us very much), I was very pleased to find the Barone Ruhscliffe still in residence at the Villa Vesuviana. He has been on the island for a quite a awhile now, hasn't he? This suggests to me that there may be something interesting going on with the young man and he is not the usal well-born tourist, just passing through our region on his way to some other place for some form of pointless dissipation. Perhaps we should arrange a little gambling party and invite him. La Baronessa did say she thought he enjoyed Faro -- I am sure Signor Gandt could be induced to serve as host. In a relaxed social setting, especially if we arrange for him to win more than he loses, he might offer some bits of useful information. And if not...*shrugs*... I do find him quite the intelligent conversationalist and exceedingly pleasant company. So either way, it will not be a waste of time and effort.

Aldo Stern
23 Nov 2012 01:25:02PM @aldo-stern:

My dear Don Mercurio,

You should not think of yourself as lazy -- I prefer to think of you as being determinedly economical in the ways you elect to expend your energy and time. Consider it a form of frugality...and that is a virtue to be admired, no?

your servant,

Don Aldo