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Fruits of a Decade,

user image 2019-03-21
By: Graf Shuvalov
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As next month approaches, so do my 10th rezz day approaches. Initially, I didn’t really notice, but now that I have, it has me thinking about the past lives we lived in the historical community, and the future ones we will start.

What a journey it has been, from my initial start of Meloria (now Rocca Sorrentina) and Duche de Coeur to living in the decadence of Versailles, a period of hiatus where we nomadically roamed the grid and historical community to 1920s Berlin and 1920s New York and recently Georgian London. A lot of friends fade into the past, but I had the pleasure of making new acquaintances.
One thing that I’m thinking about, is what the reason I came to the historical words, the reason I stayed in the historical community, and what I look for going forward.

*Plays flute music as he dramatizes the past*

I came to the historical community after meeting an inspirational woman in a different part of the grid. Through the next few years we shared here, I learned to love the historical world, from studying history itself to dressing the part. Dabbled in architecture, and jewels, my experience in the historical community has generally been a positive one. Dancing in decadence at Versailles, to riding around the Duche, living cozily in wonderful homes and palaces. Interestingly, as the decade I spent here progressed, I find myself drifting further from Court Roleplay, and enjoying more and more the styles of a Country home and society. Been thinking of setting up a working estate with those growable fruits and items. Might be fun? Who knows!

Anyhow! After reflecting on my time here, I look forward to a comfortable life (in style ha-ha) maybe a working estate and to continue to enjoy the friends I’ve been honored with. There is much to build and creature and a whole new generation of historical roleplays to get to know. Exciting times ahead!

What’s your story? What brought you all here, and where do you want to go?

Delos Helstein!

Tatiana Dokuchic
21 Mar 2019 02:53:52PM @tatiana-dokuchic:

Congratulations on your 10th Rezz Day, Delos! That's quite an accomplishment!

You are one of the handful of people I know from the good/bad old days when the overlords were cruel and we had to walk to school through waist-deep snow, uphill both ways ;)

I find it fascinating how the historical community has changed and experienced cycles of growth & loss.  In general, I believe it has matured quite nicely.  I truly appreciate the quiet times as opposed to all the hive-inducing drama that used to flare up every so often.

It's most interesting, seeing you look forward to the future.  As you know, I've always made my home in the country and I highly recommend it.  A working estate with active roleplay (farming etc.) was always my dream and the technology (G&S in our case) has finally allowed us to make great strides towards that.

I love recreating period architecture but without an active community it's just a diorama.  I find that developing strategies for running an estate which actually make use of the environment (land & infrastructure) to be quite satisfying.  This work provides plenty of inspiration and opportunities to be creative.  What a gift!

So here's a cheer to your first ten years and a wish for many more to come!


Abbondio Rezzonico
21 Mar 2019 04:47:29PM @abbondio-rezzonico:

To quote my mother, whom I know to be a good friend of you too: 'Once you have passed the 3000 days, you're an ancient relic, dating from the age when sculpties were the latest fad.' On behalf of my family: Our congratulations, and welcome to the old-pixel-club. :)

I'm interested to hear of these plans; as stated in my own recent post, I am all in favour of producing estates within our time frame. It can be done in so many forms that fit any estate. I chose to limit it to something typically fitting to our family rp: vines and banking.
For my own part it is this combination of history and economy and how we can apply both to this pixeled world within a community - that and creating have been (and remain) my main interest in SL and of course the many people from all over the world you encounter.

Again, congratulations, and keep us posted on developments concerning that estate and/or Georgian London.