Hippolyte Eugène de Vergy
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Dr Hippolyte Eugène de Vergy, Abbé de Mantes-la-Jolie (Jun 5th 1745 - Feb 1st 1825) is a Roman Catholic priest, also a member from House of Vergy, one of the ancient French noble families since 9th century.

He is the fifth among with his other 5 siblings in his family branch. His cousin, Monseigneur Simon Jean is an Évêque (Bishop), who is now serving for the homeless people.

Abbé Hippolyte studied in Grand Séminaire de Reims in 1764 and he was ordained as priesthood by Cardinal de la Roche-Aymon in June, 1774 when he was 29. He interests in music especially he is an expert to organ and harpsichord.

He also involved in some religious literature and articles. On September 1774, he obtained his doctrine of theology and canon law from the Sulpician Seminary.


Hippolyte Eugène de Vergy
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