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Bedrich Panacek
10 Feb 2010 07:07:42AM @bedrich-panacek:
Mademoiselle Wozniak, That is a wonderful offer! We are preparing to open our 3rd academie, and each one is focused on a different area.The library in the Academie Royale des Sciences has been started and currently consists of biographies of our past and current scientists. This will be expanded to cover each of the eight primary areas focused on by the academy.The library in the Academie Royale de Musique has not yet been started, but it will focus on the composers of our time, and various music types. Mademoiselle Director Oona Riaxik is arranging performances in the Opera House, and Mademoiselle MariaMuircastle is arranging performances for the taverns.We are preparing to open the third academie, which will be the Academie Francaise. This academy will focus on general concepts about France, including the language, history, and literature of our time. The library is located in the chateau, and will likely be the focal point for this academy, in addition to probably the room upstairs that is adjacent to the chapel. This will likely involve Wasar Garrius, and at least one other resident.We would love to have you involved in building up the libraries in both the actual events of our time, and in the duchy and other enlightened sims!Thanks!Duc Bedrich Panacek
Bedrich Panacek
10 Feb 2010 07:20:15AM @bedrich-panacek:
Oh absolutely, what a fabulouse idea! Diderot's Encyclopedia is probably one of the most important things that are contributing to people looking differently at how government and society should be functioning. This is exactly the type of thing we want to do! :)))