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Country: US
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Captain Sir Walter Gedenspire
19 Apr 2010 02:51:44AM @captain-sir-walter-gedenspire:
My dearest Lady Beatrice.Welcome among us.I am delighted to see that as my dear and intimate friend you have seen fit to join our charmed circle.May you stay be as enjoyable, as we are delighted to see you as one of us.Your adoring servantGedenspire, Captain 11th Hussars
Captain Sir Walter Gedenspire
19 Apr 2010 02:56:18AM @captain-sir-walter-gedenspire:
a cause for celebration!welcome! welcome! welcome!Gedenspire, Captain
Captain Sir Walter Gedenspire
05 May 2010 02:20:30PM @captain-sir-walter-gedenspire:
My dear Lady Beatrice!I have no words to express my gratitude for your kind use of my humble artwork.Certainly wont expect a word of praise from my sister.Maintains I am a boor,Please do not let any word of my artistic endeavors reach my mess mates at the regiment.Shall never live it down.Gedenspire, Captain
Docteur Panacek
11 May 2010 07:32:49AM @docteur-panacek:
Dear lady Beatrice,thank you so much for accepting my friendships offer. Indeed i must admit, its quite a 'little family' i have been stumbling in... Never thought the twins would quarrel that much... Well, at least their conversations are 'vivid' ... reminds me of my own younger days, trying to survive my 3 elder sisters and my 2 younger brothers...I do hope we can enjoy a cup of tea together soon and discuss this matter in more detail (The twins i mean, not my childhood).Yours sincerely, Dr. P.