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Historical roleplayer and owner of Ordem da Rosa. 

Currently RPing at Saint Petersburg in SL.

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MarieLouise Harcourt
23 Jan 2012 01:42:32AM @marielouise-harcourt:

I shall definetley take a look today then :) May I by the way complimentate you on whata pretty ning profile you have? The picture all above is absolutely stunning!

Kashmir Yves-Masselin
31 May 2012 02:29:07PM @kashmir-yves-masselin:

Please visit my page. The header was taken from a historical documentary by PBS of Marie Antoinette and The French Revolution. The portrait is used in the header. Additionally, both the portrait and the header are sourced from different origins ( the second being a retrospective of artworks and artists who sketched or painted Marie Antoinette during her lifetime, their names, nationality and the dates the works were done). If you go to Wikipedia Marie Antoinette, the portrait is on the page. Click on the painting. It will bring up a file that deals specifically with the artwork, it's history and current location: Schnbrunn, Vienna. She was 13 years old at the time and then Archduchess Maria Antonia of Austria (Marie Antoinette) . I am very careful to research anything I post that has significance since I have a long standing interest in art history and architecture. I would not want to appear foolish, ill-informed or poorly educated. I am very deliberate in my choices as they are representative of me in the public arena. If I am mistaken, it is a well supported error. With that being said, I will apologize humbly for such.

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Kashmir Yves-Masselin
31 May 2012 04:08:25PM @kashmir-yves-masselin:

As I said, if I am mistaken, I humbly apologize.

Comtesse de Chiverny (Wulfriðe)
05 Jul 2012 07:24:37PM @comtesse-de-chiverny-wulfrie:

Pssst! *whispers* the texture on your new pink gown, the underskirt, is upside down ;)

Herzogilde Ambrosine Herenden
20 Sep 2012 01:42:28PM @herzogilde-ambrosine-herenden:

Thank you, friend! Erm, mme la vicomtesse! :))