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Letters from Leopoldine - 3

user image 2013-06-22
By: Leopoldina
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626_blogs.png?width=700 Versailles, 22 June 1774

My dearest sister,

Yesterday I attended the Queen's promenade, which was truly delightful. Not only cousine Sophie was there, but also our sister Louise, whom I haven't seem in a long time, and I was most happy to see her after so long.

Her majesty commented on my absence on her private picnic, and I was very honored she noticed it. In fact, that picnic was the object of gossip amongst the older ladies at court, who were somewhat annoyed by the Queen choosing cortiers by their relationship with her rather than inviting them by their titles and ranks.

Antoinette was dressed in a beautiful white polonaise with blue details. I was slightly surprised as she was not wearing a high pouf, but instead a very simple hairstyle with a straw hat. The high poufs are becoming so fashionable at court that I expected our trend-setter to use them, but it seems Her majesty truly enjoys simplicity. Well, that would depend on what one would define as simple, as I am pretty sure that would be some disagreement between the different social classes.

The weather was lovely, and we saw so many beautiful things as we walked around the gardens, with all the ladies finely dressed. Furthermore, the Queen complimented my hair and new polonaise, and I could not help but blush and feel very flattered by such kind words. Among all the ladies, the only man present was Comte d'Artois, who was gallant as usual.He was in fact flirting quite obviously with a new lady at court, a Tancarville if I am not mistaken. I do hope that poor girl does not get stupefied by all that attention, as it will likely disgrace her not even acquired reputation. Don't you think it is sad, mon cherie, that men can flirt almost, if not completely freely without being subject to prejudice, so often targeted to women?

My dear, I am getting extremely anxious about consuming my marriage to Vicomte. None of us is eager about it, but I feel the growing pressure around me to produce a heir, and I am not getting any younger as the time pass. I fear that, if he could, he would ask for an annulment for our marriage, for we have not exchanged letters since he went to the hunting lodge weeks ago.But alas! I do hope, my dearest, that you and Anne will someday find love, as your poor younger sister seems to have ill luck in that subject.

Pray for me mon cherie, as I always pray for you.
Your most devoted sister,


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MarieLouise Harcourt
23 Jun 2013 02:56:12AM @marielouise-harcourt:
I love these, next next!
30 Jun 2013 02:17:13PM @leopoldina:

Thank you girls!

John Wilmot Earl of Rochester
06 Aug 2013 04:03:37PM @john-wilmot-earl-of-rochester:


How,sad you soind perhaps your lonely life at court will brighten in the coming days?

Your humble servant Tartuffe