The greater taste : Victorian Special (inspired by the opening of the new Victoria rp)

Georgiana Fitzherbert Grace
27 Jan 2013 07:53:01PM
Hello and welcome back to my new edition of the Greater Tastes. This time I'm basing it on Victorian meals that are great for day time snackingFrostings I love frosting especially since I know many recipesOk so frosting was big on cakes in this time no more creams just sugary delicious frostingBut first a cake for this frostingCHOCOLATE CAKE.One cup of butter and two cups of sugar stirred to a cream, with theyolks of five eggs added after they have been well beaten. Then stirinto that one cup of milk, beat the whites of two pf the eggs to astiff froth and add that also; now put in three cups and a half ofsifted flour, two heaping teaspoonfuls of baking powder having beenstirred into it. Bake in jelly-cake tins._Mixture for Filling._--Take the remaining three whites of the eggsbeaten _very_ stiff, two cupfuls of sugar boiled to almost candy oruntil it becomes stringy or almost brittle; take it hot from the fireand pour it very slowly on the beaten whites of egg, beating quitefast; add one-half cake of grated chocolate, a teaspoonful of vanillaextract. Stir it all until cool, then spread between each cake andover the top and sides. This, when well made, is the premium cake of it's kindLove this recipe for chocolate cake found it ages ago and been using it for years sorry can't remember the site but anyway this is delicious cake recipe and great for kids and after dinner dessertAnd a filling for our cake if wanted I suggest this one alsoICE-CREAM FILLING.Make an icing as follows: Three cups of sugar, one of water; boil to athick, clear syrup, or until it begins to be brittle; pour this,boiling hot, over the _well-beaten_ whites of three eggs; stir themixture very briskly, and pour the sugar in slowly; beat it, when allin, until cool. Flavor with lemon or vanilla extract. This, spreadbetween any white cake layers, answers for "Ice-Cream Cake."And our frosting :DAlmond frostingThe whites of three eggs, beaten up with three cups of fine, whitesugar. Blanch a pound of sweet almonds, pound them in a mortar with alittle sugar, until a fine paste, then add the whites of eggs, sugarand vanilla extract. Pound a few minutes to thoroughly mix. Cover thecake with a very thick coating of this, set in a cool oven to dry,afterwards cover with a plain icing.Love Almond icing so absaloutly delicious to my taste and goes great with chocolate cakeAlso decorate the slices with chocolate gratings and cream with a bit of fruit or even nuts on top of itHope you like that recipe for cakeMaybe a nice finger food or something next let's see.....Yep I know Ginger Snaps (yumm)One cup brown sugar, two cups molasses, one large cup butter, twoteaspoonfuls soda, two teaspoonfuls ginger, three pints flour tocommence with; rub shortening and sugar together into the flour; addenough more flour to roll very smooth, very thin, and bake in a quickoven. The dough can be kept for days by putting it in the flour barrelunder the flour, and bake a few at a time The more flour that can beworked in and the smoother they can be rolled, the better and morebrittle they will be. Should be rolled out to wafer-like thinness.Bake quickly without burning. They should become perfectly cold before Putting asideI love these during spring when Im in the gardens after hard work collecting fruit and vegGo great with tea or some milk and nice for a snack during the dayOk and something hot for the end of winter maybe a soup let's see thanks to Mam I'm going to makeChicken Gumbo soupCHICKEN GUMBO SOUP.Fry a chicken, remove bones and chop chicken fine. Put in a kettle with two quarts boiling water, three large ears of corn cut from cob, six tomatoes sliced, twenty-four pods of okra cut up. Fry the corn, tomatoes and okra brown in the chicken drippings first, then add to the water and chicken with two tablespoons rice, pepper and teaspoon salt. Simmer one hour.Love this recipe really nice for lunch or a night in watching movies I love to have this at night for a strange reason I rather not talk aboutOk we all love home made bread so let's give it a go with a nice old recipe grandmama use to make for me when I was at home with her during the days waiting for my brothers and sistersSALT-RAISING BREADWhile getting breakfast in the morning, as soon as the tea-kettle has boiled, take a quart tin cup or an earthen quart milk pitcher, scald it, then fill one-third full of water about as warm as the finger could be held in; then to this add a teaspoonful of salt, a pinch of brown sugar and coarse flour enough to make a batter of about the right consistency for griddle-cakes. Set the cup, with the spoon in it, in a closed vessel half-filled with water moderately hot, but not scalding. Keep the temperature as nearly even as possible and add a teaspoonful of flour once or twice during the process of fermentation. The yeast ought to reach to the top of the bowl in about five hours. Sift your flour into a pan, make an opening in the centre and pour in your yeast. Have ready a pitcher of warm milk, salted, or milk and water (not too hot, or you will scald the yeast germs), and stir rapidly into a pulpy mass with a spoon. Cover this sponge closely and keep warm for an hour, then knead into loaves, adding flour to make the proper consistency. Place in warm, well-greased pans, cover closely and leave till it is light. Bake in a steady oven, and when done let all the hot steam escape. Wrap closely in damp towels and keep in closed earthen jars until it is wanted.Love this bread often use it when going on plane as it's nice to eat while traveling for meOk last one a Victorian biscuit recipe last one todayOk Victorian Lavender cookies from the back of my cook book in the kitchenThanks Mamingredients1/2 cup butter1 cup sugar2 eggs1 teaspoon lavender, crushed1 1/2 cups flour2 teaspoons baking powder1/4 teaspoon saltFor Icing:2 cups powdered sugar5 1/2 teaspoons water6 1/2 teaspoons rose waterServes / YieldsAbout 4 dozenPreparation InstructionsPreheat oven to 375 degrees.Cream together the butter and sugar. Add the eggs, lavender, flour, baking powder and salt.Drop by teaspoons onto an ungreased cookie sheet. Bake for about 10 minutes.While the cookies bake, prepare the icing by mixing the powdered sugar with water and rose water. Drizzle over the cookies after they have cooled.Love these cookies their absaloutly delightful hope ye like them tooThanks for taking the five minutes to read this ColumLove your chef and passionate food loverMarie Georgiana Alice G.