Princess Vorontsova-Dashkova
Avatar: CatherinePavlovna Deimatov
VW: Second Life

Country: RU
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Captain Sir Walter Gedenspire
17 Mar 2010 01:14:36PM @captain-sir-walter-gedenspire:
My dear Baroness.I am profoundly honoured and touched by your offer of friendship which I hasten to accept. Please excuse my tardiness, as I was unaware of the need to issue an acceptance.Mayhap we shall have a happy encounter at a ball or festive occasion and deepen our friendship.I remain your servant,Sir Walter Gedenspire, Captain
Princess Louise of Denmark
18 Apr 2011 10:56:16AM @princess-louise-of-denmark:
How interesting that you and I share the same name. I didn't know there were two Princess Dashkova's in Russia. Perhaps I shall make your acquaintance soon.