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How should we tell the story of Empire? Poet Jaspreet Kaur talks with Curator Polly Putnam

Category: Education
Duration: 00:05:12
What was the legacy of Empire? How should we tell this story? History teacher and spoken-word poet Jaspreet Kaur @behindthenetra sat down with our curator Polly Putnam to discuss Queen Victoria, Empire and decolonisation.

Join us at Bright Nights at Kensington Palace to unearth this complex topic through debate, art and music, 9 Oct, 29 Oct & 13 Nov:

See the Victoria 200 exhibitions at Kensington Palace:

Objects on loan from Her Majesty The Queen featured in this film have been filmed with permission from The Royal Archives and the Royal Collection Trust.
Sir Thomas Cave
10 Oct 2019 08:00:48AM @sir-thomas-cave:

I think this is fascinating, not just to the Idea of British India, but the same concept would extend to French Algeria, Belgian Congo and the Russian Expansion into Asia. 

How would one look at an empire? From which point of view? Personally, I think its best to do pros and cons, economical, cultural, industrial, and technological advances, but to also showcase at the cost it came, and how it affected local people of the regions. Definitely an interesting topic of any Empire.

(This is not a debating platform on morals or whose right and wrong, just showing something that shows a different light - Please keep negative comments away).