Let's Get Started!

The following is part of the Queen's Hamlet Welcome Package  so please don't be disappointed when you can't find your free fish included here :)  It's been edited so that the links work.

Welcome to the Queen's Hamlet Co-op Community!

Some information & a few items to help get you started.


A community of farmers & artisans living off the land of the Queens Hamlet; a group for the brave, fun-loving, resourceful & inquisitive who enjoy a good challenge in a historical setting. While individual achievements are certainly encouraged, the co-op model places emphasis on our success as group.

The idea is for us to interact and have fun so if we manage to do that weve succeeded!



Community Resources



Please wear your Queen's Hamlet Group Tag in these areas.

Website:  http://bit.ly/2h5x8nd
Inworld Group:   http://world.secondlife.com/group/a8e8e030-8f76-1dc8-bdad-0699781e77b5

We endeavor to keep current information on the website. If in doubt look there.

-- HUD [G&S] --

Please pick up your HUD at the Market  located in the big, brown trunk It's actually very simple to use and does not have to be worn all the time.

RPS-HUD [G&S] Information (English)

RPS-HUD [G&S] Information (Spanish)

[G&S] HELP Files

-- CO-OP FEES --

These fees are intended as a means of stimulating activity therefore providing a better overall experience for all members.

All fees will be paid in units produced (sacks of grain, eggs, etc.) and/or RP Coins. L$ are NOT required. Fees are paid on a regular basis to the Estate Manager (MikhailDokuchic Resident). Payment rates  will evolve according to current economic conditions (i.e. to keep things fun & interesting).


"The Queen" will provide community resources but given the hard economic times donations from individuals would be greatly appreciated. They can be sent directly to the Estate Manager (MikhailDokuchic) or paid through the donation boxes in MAIN LOCATIONS listed above. Any L$ received will be used to purchased items to benefit the community such as crafting stations.


The use of L$ to buy our way to prosperity is discouraged. However, there are some objects that can only be purchased with L$ from the G&S Store.

G&S SLM:  https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/27655

Please note that the Estate Manager is the ONLY member of this group authorized to SELL products for L$


You will find that ENERGY is not actually required to interact with most objects so we will depend on an honour system. Since one of our goals is a healthy community, energy levels should be kept above 50% while anything over 75% is considered optimum. The consumption of food to increase energy is an important part of the overall system strategy so please eat on a regular basis :)

To get you started, a fish has been included in this package. You can take it to the QH KITCHEN (see Community Resources LM above) and cook your first meal. Kitchen Instructions (touch the KITCHEN sign) recipes etc. are also available there. This fish can be cooked quite nicely without any other ingredients. Remember to wear you HUD and have your group set to Queen's Hamlet.