Queen's Hamlet Co-op

Queen's Hamlet Co-op

A community of farmers & artisans living off the land of the Queens Hamlet in 18th century France. A  group for the brave, fun-loving, resourceful & inquisitive who enjoy a good challenge in a historical setting. 

While individual achievements are certainly encouraged, the co-op model places emphasis on our success as group.

Let's Get Started is a good place to do just that followed by our List of Resources & Guides.   For the more adventurous QH Challenges may peak your interest.

Visit our public Market located at the G&S Co-op and our Winery found in the beautiful Queen's Hamlet.  We're also on the Second Life Marketplace.

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Contact Tatiana if you'd like to know more about our roleplay!

See the  QH FORUM for the latest discussions.  Please POST & FOLLOW there.

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