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AoR Economy

Tatiana Dokuchic
7 months ago
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The AoR economic model enhances enjoyment of the system by having enough nuance to make it interesting while avoiding the frustration of over complication.  Given this, prices will remain stable and are not affected by fluctuations related to real-time supply & demand.

Rather than starting from scratch, a daunting challenge to say the least, the AoR economic model makes use of the methodology, including the Master Price List, found in Grain Into Gold: A Fantasy World Economy . This “simple and sane supplement” is based on considerable research “including research into historical, medieval life. The averages and generalities of this book are based on a combination of historical fact, historic opinion, and modern practices”.  It’s as close to an “off the shelf” 18th century economic model as could be hoped for and it will be refined to suit our world as AoR progresses.

General AoR Economic Concepts are as follows:

  • Based on Coins
    • Easy transfer of coins from one User Coin Bag to another User Coin Bag

  • Conversion Rates:
    • 10 copper coins (cc) = 1 silver coin (sc)
    • 10 silver coins = I gold coin (gc)
    • 100 copper coins = 1 gold coin

  • Trade (barter) is also facilitated by the system
    • Easy transfer of goods from one User Basket (a personal inventory) to another User Basket without needing to have actual objects cluttering SL Inventory

  • Taxes
    • Paid on food & goods that are Harvested
    • Paid in goods (not coins)
    • Automatically paid to Community

  • Merchants (NPC)
    • Intended to bridge any gaps where items may not be available from other players.  As such, the prices have been deliberately set low for the sale price and high for the purchase price. 
    • Sell goods (10% premium)
    • Buy goods (10% tax)
    • Provides the Master Price List

  • Master Price List: 
    • Seeded from the one provided in Grain into Gold
    • The price of crafted products not specified in Grain to Gold takes profit into consideration and is calculated as Price = (total price of all ingredients) x 2
    • Sellers are free to determine pricing of their own products
      • Branded items, for example, may come at a premium

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