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AoR Skill Levels & Skill Points

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Every crafter & harvester is associated with a specific skill, for example the oven is associated with the Baker skill, the stove with the Cook skill, the grain field with the Grain farmer skill etc.

Skill Levels are as follows:

  • Level 1 (Unskilled) - 10 skill points
  • Level 2 (Apprentice) - 100 skill points
  • Level 3 (Journeyman) - 300 skill points
  • Level 4 (Master)

Skill levels are used to determine the items players may produce.  An unskilled cook may make a simple pot of potato soup (complexity level 1), an apprentice cook has the option of cooking both potato soup and tomato soup (complexity level 2) and a journeyman cook may make three different soups, potato, tomato and onion (complexity level 3).

Skill levels are used to determine the time it takes to craft/harvest an item.  Baking a loaf of bread (complexity level 1) will take an unskilled baker 120 seconds, an apprentice baker 90 seconds, a journeyman baker 60 seconds and a master baker 30 seconds.  Cooking a pot of onion soup (complexity level 3) will take a journeyman cook 120 seconds and a master cook 90 seconds.

Skill points are earned each time an item is successfully crafter/grown. The number of skill points earned is equal to the complexity level of the item produced.  If someone cooks potato soup (complexity level 1) they earn one skill point.  Likewise if someone cooks tomato soup (complexity level 2) they earn two skill points.

While it is easy to move from an unskilled worker to an apprentice it gets progressively harder to move to journeyman and then master.  It is hoped that players enjoy a gradual journey through the various skills with their associated skill levels keeping in mind that historically it took years for tradespeople to progress with many never reaching the master level.

If the current progression proves to be too easy during this beta testing the skill points required for leveling up may be further adjusted.

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