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[AoR] Pizza

Tatiana Dokuchic
2 years ago
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Pizza is now on the menu!

Is it appropriate for the 18th century?  You bet!  See history of pizza for an overview.

We're starting out with some classics, Pizza Marinara & Pizza Margherita.

As it turns out, even simple pizza has a whole lot of ingredients that had to be added to AoR:

  • Pizza_dough (Dough maker)
  • Tomato_sauce (Cast iron pot)

  • Basil (Herb pot)
  • Garlic
  • Olive_oil
  • Oregano (Herb pot)
  • Oregano_dried (Herb dryer)

All ingredients are also available from Myriam until such time as our merchants can provide them.

Due to system limitations of six ingredients per recipe you will see that Margherita has been based on Marinara with some additions.  This allows for more complex recipes by going through the oven twice.

Tasty samples are available in the Market.

See  Recipes  for all the details


Pizza Capricciosa (tomato, mushroom, olive) with new ingredients:

  • Mushroom
  • Olives_cured

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