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[AoR] Fruit Drinks and Juices

Tatiana Dokuchic
3 months ago
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New Fruit Drinks and Juices just in time for summer!

  • Fruit Drinks:
    • Grape drink
    • Lemon drink
    • Orange drink
    • Strawberry drink

Fizzy and refreshing these fruit drinks are made in the Butter Churn and are extra healthy as they are made with whey.

  • Fruit Juices
    • Lemon juice
    • Orange juice (both an ingredient and a drink)
    • Grape juice

With the exception of grape juice, the fruit juices are made with the [AoR] Juicer.


Speaking of juicers or lemon squeezers, I was lucky enough to stumble across: A KUTAHYA POTTERY LEMON-SQUEEZER, OTTOMAN TURKEY, 18TH CENTURY


Turkish ceramic squeezer.jpg

To quote from Wikipedia :

The oldest known lemon squeezers were found in Kütahya, Turkey and date to the first quarter of the 18th century. These ceramic presses are in the traditional style of Turkish pottery of the 18th century and have a superficial resemblance to today's press equipment with cones, though they are designed differently. These examples were individually made, and specially designed for making the then popular citrus drink sorbet. Lemons are not native to northern Turkey, though during the 17th and 18th centuries they were imported in bulk to Constantinople.


Our new juicer looks suspicious similar!


See  Recipes  for exact ingredients with quantities.

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