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Strawberries, Sugar Beets, & Tea

Tatiana Dokuchic
3 years ago
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Greetings fellow farmers & artisans

I'm delighted to report that the production chains for strawberries & sugar beets have been completed and the garden patches are now available for sale in the QH Market.

Use strawberries to make strawberry jam, pie, and tarts.

Use sugar beets to make sugar.  The resulting sugar loaf can be used "as is" or processed in the Mill to get a bowl of sugar which is coordinated with the jug of cream and brand-new tea pot.

Hot tea can be made on the stove.  Tea shrubs and an Herb Dryer (turn fresh tea leaves into dried tea leaves) are on the "to do" list.

See the Recipes document for more information including Recipes, Combinations & Harvesters.


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