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[AoR] Compost

Tatiana Dokuchic
3 years ago
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Here's a quick guide to composting!

Compost is used in AoR as an "ingredient" in the tending of various crops including grapevines, trees etc.

The Compost Bin harvester takes both brown & green organic matter and over a period of 24 hours turns them into compost.

The terms "brown" and "green" may be a bit confusing, in general they refer to the colour of the organic matter but that is not always the case.

Brown organic matter is high in carbon, think dead leaves, straw etc. 

Green organic matter is high in nitrogen, think grass clippings, fruit & vegetable peels, etc.  Cow manure, while brown in colour, is high in nitrogen so is classified as green organic.

A rough ratio of two parts brown to one part green yields excellent compost.

Both brown & green organic matter can be "gathered" using the Organic brown and Organic green gathers.  They may also be a byproduct of other crafters, for example the winepress yields Organic_green straight into the AoR Basket.

Compost can be purchased directly from Myriam but it's hoped that thrifty farmers will enjoy making their own.

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