Alessandra di Fiorentino-Conti
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Location: Chateau de Lourmarin ,Lourmarin sur Mer
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Marriage á la Mode

user image 2014-02-01
By: Alessandra di Fiorentino-Conti
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Inspired by William Hogarth (* 10. November 1697 in London ; 26. Oktober 1764 )

Written by Jean-Matisse & Alessandra de Fiorentino Conti

Chapter I

The Letter


The young Duchesse Alessandra de Fiorentino-Conti felt a bit uncomfortable after she has read the letter.Not, that she did not like her Grandmother, the Comtesse Jeanne Adelaide de Conti, but she remebered the former attempts of her Grandmother to marry her with a suitable husband again.

Grandmere Jeanne Adelaide was the head of the family, essentialy it was nothing to say against a remarriage. On the other hand she knew how orthodox and old-fashioned her Grandmother was. Alessandra read the letter again. Maybe her new little Companion has made her grandmother somewhat milder, she thought. But there was another reason, why she was worried.

Alessandra has met recently a very charming and elegant young Gentleman while riding. Monsieur Armand de Belgrave has made a great impression on the young Duchesse. He associates at the Court of Versailles, he was sophisticated and knew how to make the most beautiful compliments. It was no wonder, that the young Duchesse fell in love head over heels, after the tragic death of her husband she lived a bit isolated on her Estate in Lourmarin.

But what would Grandmere say ? For the old Lady , Versailles was the anteroom to hell. Today Alessandra wanted to meet the Monsieur .... here at the park of Lourmarin. She wanted to tell him about the letter of her Grandmother


In the afternoon the Duchesse and Monsieur de Belgrave walked through the gardens of Lourmarin. He brought her a bouquet of her favourite flowers. Oh how attentive you are , Monsieur...she whispered. He took an elegant bow. A beautiful woman deserves this attention he answered. After that Alessandra mentioned the letter of her Grandmother.

I have to let her reside here....she is the head of the family and one day she will leave me a considerable fortune.... she tried to explain. She did not notice the wide smile on Monsieur de Belgraves face, as she mentioned the considerable fortune.

A gardener of the Duchesse crosses their path, carrieing a big basket with leaves.He bowed and walks on. Immediately Monsieur de Belgrave pressed his perfumed handkerchief under his nose and kept hold on the Balustrade.Oh ...Monsieur what happened? Alessandra asked. suis is an old family suffering. The glance on working people makes me feel uncomfortable. We Aristorats have a much stronger sensibility as the common people.... How horrible Monsieur, I am so terribly sorry about this. Would it comfort you, if I ask you to join me for dinner tonight here at Lourmarin? Willingly Monsieur de Belgrave accepted the invitation.

Aldo Stern
02 Feb 2014 08:21:08AM @aldo-stern:

I couldn't agree more, Don Mercurio. a lovely image as well.