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Optiks lab - work delays

user image 2010-02-22
By: Evie Alchemi
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Cher Journal,

My work on the large mirror order is going well and is keeping the shop very busy. We delivered the order and on its heels received another large order. Apparantly our patron's friends adored our work and several wanted their own pieces immediately! Mon Pere is obviously very pleased with the amount of business nor can I complain about these types sucesses.

This is wonderful for business but I fear it will keep me away from my personal work at the Academie de Science for up to another fortnight. I do long to return to my work there and the new friends that I have made. I feel like Fenn and I where just starting to settle in at the Languedoc Couer when work called us away. I have heard that several new shops have opened and there have been many intrigueing soires I have missed.

I am particullarly intrigued by a letter forwarded to me from a M. Adventure, an Englishman apparently interested in optiks and work at the Academie in general. I was amused that the letter was addressed to Fenn instead of myself. This is such a common oversight it has long since ceased to irratate me. I shall forever be thankful that mon Pere did not see a woman's minds as a limitation and that he in fact sees women's ability to pay attention to detail as an asset. The Italian glassmaster of our shop, who has now trained many of our French workers, in fact complimented me specifically for my talents this week. He stated that it is my attention to detail that makes me an equal to any of his best pupils with many more years of experience than I. I also feel priveledged that the Academie also values the wit and intelligence of women equally to men. I have met so many witty ladies in the Duche. I wonder how the English ladies are treated that M. Adventure would make such an oversight?

- E

Evie Alchemi
01 Mar 2010 05:14:50PM @evie-alchemi:
Cher Doctor,I am so pleased that my notes are inspiring your work as it was your book that inspired mine.I look forward to returning to the Academie soon as my work is completed. There are so many interesting topics to discuss with members of the Academie!-E
Evie Alchemi
08 Mar 2010 12:13:18PM @evie-alchemi:
Cher JournalMy work is finally completed and i am exhausted but pleased with it. Fenn and I returned to Langeudoc Couer late Sunday evening, alas we were not in time to attend the faire. It appeared that the merchants had all just packed up. My next stop was to update my dues for my laboratory but the banks naturally were closed on Sunday so i shall be able to do so today. I am so looking forward to resuming my experiments.-E
Tatiana Dokuchic
08 Mar 2010 02:40:07PM @tatiana-dokuchic:
Welcome back to the Duch, Evie!