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Optics Lab Moving Day - Packing

user image 2010-01-19
By: Evie Alchemi
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Cher Journal,I watched with care today as my optics tool were packed from my small workshop at the back of the mirror production house to be shipped to my new lab at the Academie of Science in Languedoc. Everything was packed with the usual care and handling I've come to expect from Pierre. I was pleased to find a time with good weather when father didn't have him shipping any new mirrors or goods to Paris this week and he even gave Fenn and I the family discount to ship my supplies! The lenses and tools are fairly hardy to pack and I will purchase tables and other general items from the well reputed shops in the Languedoc. I mostly wanted to personally oversee that the special mirror we are working on for le Comte de Buffon was packed carefully. The polish on the metal is very fine and it would be truly regrettable to scratch it at this stage of development. Fenn is working on new, finer pitched, adjustment screws for it as the trial one we have worked on do not have the range that I would like for this detailed work.Pierre said that the carts should arrive on Sunday so Fenn and I will have enough time to leisurely make it back to the Languedoc. I have my eye a lab on the second floor with closing doors and no fireplace. This should create a constant stable environment for my work without extra heat or air current (I must verify this hypothesis more later as I think it does affect the quality and variability of our finer products). There are some details I must still work out with the Duc regarding the lab but I hope that shall go smoothly. I do hope that my work will attract a patron or at least those interested in our other fine glass products as the membership fees for use of the Academie are going to be challenging for us bourgeoisie but I am certain the effort will be rewarding.- Evie
Tatiana Dokuchic
20 Jan 2010 06:43:25AM @tatiana-dokuchic:
What an exciting adventure you are on, Evie!I can just imagine you holding your breath while all those delicate items are in transit; not to mention all the work that must be done to set everything up correctly.I know this is a labour of love and wish you all the best. Enjoy yourself!Tatiana, Duchesse de Provence