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Optics Lab Moving Day - Unpacking

user image 2010-01-28
By: Evie Alchemi
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Cher Journal,I have at last been formally accepted into the Academie of Science and Pierre has arrived at last with my precious crates! I was even more fortunate that Duc Panacek himself was at the academie when the cargo arrived. He expressed great interest in my work and I was very pleased to be so kindly received. I pray I can live up the expectations of so many great minds!I have already started unpacking, and although I've held my breath as we pried open each box thus far everything seems undamaged. At very least le Comte de Buffon's model mirror is intact which is the most precious thing to me of all of my experiments!- Evie
Tatiana Dokuchic
29 Jan 2010 09:25:38AM @tatiana-dokuchic:
Bienvenue, Evie!I'm so glad that it appears you were successful in transporting your instruments. When will you be ready for the public? I'm really looking forward to seeing your work.Tatiana, Duchesse de Provence
Evie Alchemi
02 Feb 2010 05:12:02PM @evie-alchemi:
Cher Doctor Adonis,Merci for the warm welcome! I am very excited to join the Academie. I had a very informal preview of my lab on Sunday but hope that perhaps we can have an Academie open house sometime soon to showcase all of our latest work. Please feel welcome to come by my lab anytime.Sincerely,Evie