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Optiks Lab - lettre de mon père

user image 2010-02-09
By: Evie Alchemi
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Cher Journal,

I received and urgent letter from Pere today. The optiks house has received an order for several large luxary mirrors by a very notable aristocrat, he won't tell me who, but the delivery is a very short time table to support a planned soire of some nature. He is in need of my skills in mirror making and design and Fenn's in management of the workers to be able to meet this production deadline. I expect this will keep me occupied and away from Langeudoc for up to a fortnight. I am pleased to help Papa with such excellent, and profitable work, but I am naturally disapointed that I will not be able to pursue my own studies for a time at the Academie. I sense I am on the brink of new insights into the working of my adjustable mirror but that shall have to wait. It is the profits from these large jobs that allows my scientific endevours to be possible after all Fenn and I shall pack and leave tomorrow.

- E

Candace Ducatillon
09 Feb 2010 02:10:25PM @candace-ducatillon:
Evie, dear friend ... I wish you and Fenn a safe journey in every respect. Kind regards always.
Evie Alchemi
16 Feb 2010 10:52:03PM @evie-alchemi:
Bonjoir Candace, Work goes well but appears that the complexity of this order may keep me busy until as long as March. I pray all is well with you and I look forward to visiting with you again. - E