Frederick II von Preußen
Avatar: ClaudeDEsprit
VW: Second Life

Location: Prussia
Country: DE
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Claire-Sophie de Rocoulle
08 Jun 2014 03:39:00PM @claire-sophie-de-rocoulle:

It is good to see Your Majesty here.

((love the page layout - So Prussian))

Alessandra di Fiorentino-Conti
08 Jun 2014 06:36:16PM @alessandra-di-fiorentino-conti:
A great honour votre Majest. *curtsies*
Julia Auditore
14 Jun 2014 05:04:33AM @julia-auditore:

*Curtsy" Your majesty - just finished fixing your benches around the Great Fountain. Putting it on your tab ;)

Luís Gastão de Orléans
01 Oct 2014 09:04:41AM @luis-gastao-de-orleans:

Eure Majestt is an honor!

Know that I am faithful to your crown and I am at your disposal if you wish.