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A weekend at the Petit Trianon

By Lady Mary Tudor, 2016-01-24

On friday I decided to take the carriage and travel to Versailles and spend the weekend at the Petit Trianon for rest.

25_blogs.png?width=600 It was a snowing and cold weekend. It was snowing when I arrived and didn't stop during the three days.

26_blogs.png?width=600 So, it was very comfortable to have the fireplace light at full capacity.

27_blogs.png?width=600 The Palace of Versailles in general, and the Petit Trianon in particular, are very beautiful and the Court is magnificent. Take part on that brilliant Court is really wonderful.

28_blogs.png?width=600 Of course the Tea time couldn't miss!

29_blogs.png?width=600 And a relaxing walk trough the beautiful gardens, in spite of the weather...

2ebswaw.png?width=600 A beautiful place where I'm sure I will return!


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