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LadySatine Constantine
15 Jan 2010 07:46:45AM @ladysatine-constantine:
Crystal Tiara
Leary Macpherson
20 Apr 2010 07:03:58PM @leary-macpherson:
The roses are in bloom - isn't it wonderful???
FrancisI Stephen de Lorraine
30 Oct 2010 07:40:43AM @francisi-stephen-de-lorraine:
Grand Duchess, welcome to The House of Habsburg.
Natalya Petrovna Galitzine
06 May 2011 04:47:19PM @natalya-petrovna-galitzine:
Hey there long time no speak.. How are you hope ur well.. thanks for the add
15 Dec 2012 02:24:54AM @jean-matisse:
merci for friendship