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Tatiana Dokuchic
13 years ago
1,884 posts

Welcome to the Royal Courts of Second Life!!

Jump right in and start exploring!! A good place to begin is with Social Announcements & Introductions . Don't be shy, tell us a bit about yourself (real, role play character or a bit of both).

For site administration issues please contact Tatiana . For general help you can post questions in this Getting Started category of the forum and someone may be able to lend you a hand. Finally, there's the NING Help that can also be accessed from the bottom of the page.

Keeping the villians of Spamalot at bay.
In the first line of defense against the spammers of the world, membership to this site must be manually approved by the site administrator. Only individuals with Second Life accounts will be accepted. Please note that the manual approval process may take a bit of time depending on the availability of the administrator.

As the second line of defense, it is recommended that each member set their privacy levels so that all blog & profile comments must be approved before they are posted. You will find the Settings option in the first box in the right hand column. From there, select the Privacy sub-option. For the two questions " When someone adds a comment on my blog ... " and "When someone adds a comment on my profile ... " select "Wait for my approval".

One of the most exciting features of this social network is the ability to announce upcoming events. This section is open to all members and is a wonderful way to build our community by fostering connections between the various SL courts. A good rule of thumb is to post events up to a month in advance.

See Event Posting Rules for details, examples & exceptions.

Forum & Categories
You will see that the forum is divided up into various categories. Some of the categories, like General Discussion, are old standards. Other categories, like Court News, Rules & Etiquette, may prove to be popular. They may also prove to duds :)) Take a look and see what you think. Suggestions regarding new categories are always welcome. What do you think the community would be interested in discussing?

Also see Forum Discussions vs Blogs: Guidelines

Have fun!!
Sharing your interests with others in our community should be a rewarding experience. May your Royal Courts of Second Life adventure be a happy one!!

Proprietress of Tatiana's Tea Room ~ Owner of the Provence Coeur Estate ~ Webmistress of this site

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