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Lord Myron and Prunela sing the Duetto des Dindons

At last Prunela and I found an understanding audience, and could sing together under torrents of applause this masterwork of French Opera!
Lord Myron de Verne
25 Jun 2010 06:17:57PM @lord-myron-de-verne:
I enjoyed it immensely, Your Highness!But artists of our high caliber do not brag around about their talent, so let's keep it understated , will you ?
Candace Ducatillon
25 Jun 2010 06:29:11PM @candace-ducatillon:
OMGosh ... OMLord Myron!!! ... Princess Prunela ... role play or ooc ... I am besides myself ROFL ! So enjoyable a duet!BRAVO !!!
Candace Ducatillon
25 Jun 2010 06:32:42PM @candace-ducatillon:
Dare I say ... Encore!?
Docteur Panacek
30 Jun 2010 04:01:18AM @docteur-panacek:
Hilarious, just FUNtastic :-)) You two are so talented... Next step may be the Duch Royal Opera ???I am already looking forward to see you two there...