M. Savatier
VW: Second Life

Location: Cindercroft
Country: GB
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Henri Louis Marie de Rohan
25 Jun 2011 07:45:00AM @henri-louis-marie-de-rohan:
Welcome to the courts Mademoiselle! I do hope to see you at more events soon!
Varvara von Engelhardt
01 Jul 2011 11:53:37AM @varvara-von-engelhardt:
Merci beaucoup for your kind words,Madame Savatier.I assure you the pleasure to meet you ,is mine.Also,I expect to see you soon at Russia,and have a tea together.Untill then my best regards for you.Bisous!Varvara von Engelhardt
Lady Leena Fandango
05 Sep 2011 08:42:41PM @lady-leena-fandango:

Greetings Madame and I hope you are well. I look forward to seeing you soon and perhaps enjoying some tea and conversation with you. *smiles wide*

Your humble friend,Elizabeth Smith-Stanley, Countess of Derby

Sophia Trefusis
21 Oct 2011 01:38:46AM @sophia-trefusis:

Of course we should be friends on the Ning too :) and thank you for your compliments.Well I would say youre pretty talented yourself in many many ways...

Im afraid Im being in a bit of a "dragon mood" (if you catch my meaning)this weekso I havent hadtheenergyto make the changes to the gown.But I hope to do so soon. Look forward to seeing you. :)

Sincerely Sophia

Lady Leena Fandango
28 Dec 2011 06:43:56AM @lady-leena-fandango:
Red Ribbon