Marie-Antoinette d'Autriche
VW: Second Life

Location: Versailles
Country: FR
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MarieLouise Harcourt
16 Mar 2011 08:47:57AM @marielouise-harcourt:
Welcome :)
Conte Myron di Loredan
16 Mar 2011 10:16:03AM @conte-myron-di-loredan:
It is an honour to make your acquaintance! Greetings from Venezia!
Anne, Comtesse de Noailles
16 Mar 2011 10:41:27AM @anne-comtesse-de-noailles:
mes hommages votre altesse royale *curtsies deeply*
Madame Desireme Fallen
16 Mar 2011 11:56:02AM @madame-desireme-fallen:

Curtsies with a gracefulness that is an amazement tobehold...smiling, enchantingly, says welcome your Royal Highness

Marie-Clotilde de France
06 Jul 2011 02:11:23PM @marie-clotilde-de-france:

Madame la Dauphine, dear sister, we shall have to meet for tea some time! I do not see you nearly enough.

Her Royale Highness,

Madame Clotilde