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The Sublime Art of French Wood Paneling: 18th-c. Boiserie with Guillaume Féau

Category: Education
Duration: 00:11:40
Boiserie, a distinctive style of fine wood paneling from 17th and 18th-century France, exhibits extraordinary craftsmanship and commitment to detail. Guillaume Féau, a third-generation owner of a Paris-based company that specializes in restoring and reproducing boiseries, leads a unique tour of one of the finest examples of this style of design: Claude Nicolas Ledoux's "Four Continents."

In this episode of Great Rooms, Guillaume welcomes viewers to the stunning reproduction of the Ledoux room at Féau Boiseries' workshop in Paris, and discusses its qualities with renowned architect Andrew Skurman. Next, Guillaume meets with Nicolas Kugel at the Kugel Gallery, where the original panels are installed with an exquisite array of Japanese lacquer.

About the Series:

The video series Great Rooms, produced by the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art, invites interior designers to speak about their favorite rooms and to explain what makes these spaces such exceptional examples of design.

The Institute of Classical Architecture & Art is a national nonprofit promoting the practice, understanding, and appreciation of classical design. To watch more online programs like this one, or to become a member and support our educational mission, visit .

About the Speaker:

Guillaume Féau is the third-generation owner of Feau & Cie. Based in the center of Paris for more than a hundred years, Feau & Cie specializes in antique wood paneling and fireplaces, parquet flooring as well as the reproduction of paneling. In addition to selling million-dollar antique boiseries, Guillaume has a thriving secondary business re-creating period rooms, which he supplies to designers around the world.
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