We have our King and Princess Royal now.

Stephanie Mesler
21 Sep 2014 04:32:31PM

Okay so far we have Princesses Charlotte, Augusta and Elizabeth, as well as a Fanny Burney, a Mrs. Schwellenberg, a Queen Charlotte and George III. We realy, really need a Mary Delaney and a Stephen Digby. Any other historical or imagined courtiers (or others associated with the court or the retreat or others in the rp) are welcome too. Please contact me, Freda Frostbite, inworld for more details. Look for an opening event in mid to late August!

Thanks--MAJOR thanks -- to Sophia von Essen and Nicole, who are working hard to make the build marvelous AND low-prim. I figure the more prims we have leftover after build, the more we have available for RP.