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Who knows what fate in store for us? How could i imagine in that cold winter morning, while I was seeing the snowflakes falling through the windows of my studio in Languedoc that only a few weeks later I would be arriving to the sunny Caribbean.

I will not try to reproduce here all the complex events that gave to me the chance to begining this new adventure, an inheritance from a distant relative, a business oportunity in the new world... sometimes there are an inner force that moves you to jump to the inexplored althoug you know the hazardous of the new way that you start.

The Atlantic voyage was not too bad. We was lucky with the weather and thanks to the Captain skills our crossing was a monotonous but nice experience, relieved by the portions of the evening playing cards and telling histories on the poop deck.

After six sailing weeks we arrive to Dominica where I had to spend a few days organizing my travel to Guadalupe. From there, I could rent a boat to reach my new posessions in the little Island of La Dsirade, my new home in the New World.

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Now a ghost!

By Trasgo Beaumont, 2010-10-07
I dont know how to start this new relate about my latest experiences in the Duchy. Before all, youmust know that, following the advises of Duchesse Tatiana I opened all the windows and try to work in the best and more ventilated place with my new printing press. In the same way, I avoided, accord with the wise advises of our dearest Docteur, to ingest all kind of colourfull mushrooms that grown in our fields. (With or without omelette, sigh)

But none of these steps was effective! The latest night, while I was standing in the balcony of my painting study, enjoying of the fresh night atmosphere, I had a terrific vision that I will need long time to recover from it.

This are a little drawing about the ente that I met, and from which I continue hearing his spectral and terrible voice...

Because he talked to me. He knew me because He said that in fact is a future ghost form one of the members of our community, and he back to our time to save his living self from I dont know what terrible facts that are going to ocurr...if he cannot avoid it.

He talked me about a murder, and his purpose last night was avoid that myself met his living self...I dont know why and none name was pronounced by him, so my disconcert is total about it!

Someone could help me? One of our friends could be in danger and need our help, or may be that someone put in my pipe something more than tobacco?
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Extrange events in the Duche de Coeur...

By Trasgo Beaumont, 2010-10-04
You could believe me or not, but all that I'm going to tell you in these short lines, is absolutly the truth about the extrange event that happened me this morning, while I was giving my usual horse ride near Ashthorne Manor, in the Duchy de Coeur.

I just left my house, when I heared a horse that galloped towards me in the other direction. You can imagine how was my surprise when I saw that noone was riding in this horse, and that, in fact - this dont was a horse.

When the creature reached my side I could contemplate, astonished, the incredible fact that it was a real unicorn, like the ones that we can find in the bestiaries and these other rare books filled of phantastic and legendary creatures!

I followed the beautiful and extraordinary creature in its gallop, and when I reached it, - and this is more incredible yet - the unicorn talked to me.

I promise you that I did not drink nothing this morning, and myself had to pinch me to know that I was not dreaming.

About the words that the unicorn said, I fear that I'm not authorized to tell you, because I dont want to betray the trust that this magical creature gave me.

Only advise you about there are extrange things around the Duchy and you must be well prepared if you meet some of these magical creatures, because could be that not all be as charm and beautiful unicorn that I have the pleasure to meet.

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