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A weekend at the Petit Trianon

By: Lady Mary Tudor
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On friday I decided to take the carriage and travel to Versailles and spend the weekend at the Petit Trianon for rest.

25_blogs.png?width=600It was a snowing and cold weekend. It was snowing when I arrived and didn't stop during the three days.

26_blogs.png?width=600So, it was very comfortable to have the fireplace light at full capacity.

27_blogs.png?width=600The Palace of Versailles in general, and the Petit Trianon in particular, are very beautiful and the Court is magnificent. Take part on that brilliant Court is really wonderful.

28_blogs.png?width=600Of course the Tea time couldn't miss!

29_blogs.png?width=600And a relaxing walk trough the beautiful gardens, in spite of the weather...

2ebswaw.png?width=600A beautiful place where I'm sure I will return!


Tatiana Dokuchic
14 Oct 2016 06:30:37PM @tatiana-dokuchic:

I've just seen this now, Lady Mary. 

Thank you for sharing your visit to the Petit Trianon with us :)

Lady Mary Tudor
15 Oct 2016 09:24:22AM @lady-mary-tudor:

Oh, you're welcome! It was a pleasure! :)