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Downton Abbey themed role-play

Lady Charlotte Cavendish
10 months ago
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Hello my fellow role-players,

Recently I have gotten so disappointed in the lack of historical role-play around second life and any active role-play is within a group of friends that are very strict on who they're allowing to join within their role-play. Of course everyone has the right to decide who role-plays with them but this has been the niche for historical role-play quite small and very inactive. 

So I shall be starting my very own edwardian themed role-play that is open to all, Of course positions for the family are first come first served but I will make sure there is plenty of role-play for everybody that is interested. 

The role-play will be set in the edwardian period amongst an aristocratic family in England. The main role-play will be sent around 1910 onwards. It will take place in a country estate and will contain the parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cromwell, their children (4 of them) and their guests and staff. It will go through World War I, they will have evening dinners most nights at a set time so plenty of dressing up, plenty of drama and activity. plenty of guests will be welcomed and plenty of fun will be had. At this current moment i am setting up a plot of land to take part of this role-play. The following positions are available but please note(That activity is important, please don't be taking any of the important roles if you don't think you would be active enough to fulfil enough role-play for the rest of us.):

Lady of the house

Lord of the house

Sons and daughters of the house (4 of them)

grandmother or grandfather (optional)



-head of house

-head butler

-ladies maids



-kitchen help


Please comment below if you feel like participating within this role-play, I will be very excited to hear from you, you can also contact me in world at: ConorO1998 Resident. 

Thank you for your time and hope to see you's soon

Mansur Marawi
10 months ago
60 posts

Best of luck with your new RP! That sounds like an excellent idea!

Unfortunately, I am too busy in the 1700s to take part, but please do post regularly. I'd love to see what fun you get up to!

Owner, Larl Valley:
Jacon Cortes
10 months ago
245 posts

Good day....:)

This is indeed wonderful news.  I am so happy to hear another period rp is opening up.  I too, like yourself, have been worried and sad about the state of historical rp and estates in SL.  Besides them being great for rp, period estates can also go a long way towards helping educate in history and customs.

Versailles, in its heyday, was a wonderful example of that.  Visitors, even if they did not interact, learned by watching.  The dress, the manners, the way ladies and men carried themselves.  I still to this day, try to squeeze in history notecards in places just to feed my need for history.  Rocca is also another wonderful example of what a great rp and location can do.

Now, I will need some good edwardian clothes so I can visit.  Yay..a reason to shop.  Also, if you need anything at all, please just let me know.  I have alot of junk, so if you need anything give me a hollar.  

Also, when you get your group together, if you send me a list of your people and their titles, I will add them to my announcer scripts in Buckingham and the the greeters will call out the correct name and title.  Don Horus plays ever 1st and 3rd Sunday, live piano, and we can set up a box for your group, as I have done for the Duchy and Rocca, so you and your residents can use.

I have babbled enough.  Good luck on the rp and hope you all have great fun..:)

His Royal Highness Jacon Cortes de Bexar Prince of Antiquity, Duke of Cumberland, Duque de Bexar, Duc de la Valliere, Marchese di MSB
Tiamat Windstorm von Hirvi
9 months ago
326 posts

And of course you will be very welcome at Antiquity's court events, too. The fashions will not quite be in sync, but we regard visitors from other historical periods in somewhat the same light as ambassadors from other lands - a great advantage of the fact that with George soon-to-be-IV as Prince Regent, it is impossible to take ourselves too seriously.

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