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Holiday Releases from Chez Giroux!

Elizabeth Wyndham
11 months ago
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Helloo helloo my pretties, I've finished up a collection of Georgian gowns. All these gowns released, was created in the 1740s/50s Style of Georgian England, in the middle of the 18th Century.

I know they all say Day Gowns, but in practice, these gowns were worn all day and evenings as well. I named it day gowns, to differentiate them from the very formal gowns worn at privileged events. (Hence, those will be known as Evening gowns).

I Hope you all like them! They are mostly 250L, though some are 300L. You can find them then in my store, in Georgian London.

New Georgian Day Gown December 1.jpg

New Georgian Day Gown December 2.jpg

New Georgian Day Gown December 3.jpg

New Georgian Day Gown December 4.jpg

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