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On French Situations & Strawberries (a letter)

By Abbondio Rezzonico, 2019-07-15

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Rocca Sorrentina, July 15th 1789

Cara Madre ,

A brief note from Sorrentina, as I sit at the foot of the vineyard, overlooking the silver shimmering Bay of Naples. The port is all quiet. It is noon and the dock workers are having their luncheon, I can hear their talking and laughing from the tavern below. I finally have some time myself for a light meal between handling administration and correspondence. In the roads the ship's chimes of the hour glide over the water, as if the passing minute seems to visit one ship at a time. And then, discord from the middle: the bells from our ship, the brigantino Atalanta . They're late. I shall need to have a talk with captain Lombardi about that, before he sets the sails tomorrow for Algiers. Earlier today I have read the reports from Bianchi, our agent in Constantinople. Both rice and sugar have arrived in a fairly good state, only two packs of rice were slightly damaged. The sugar will now be sent to their respective destinations, hoping they will bring us good fortune in future . If you could be so kind to write to Rome about the arrival - although I am beginning to doubt the use of uncle's connection: the French ambassador. With all that is going on in his home country, he is probably soon either without a job or influence.

These past two months I have been mostly busy with rearranging our last business interests in France. Although we are not scared from any speculation, plain foolishness is a completely different thing. France is becoming a tinderbox of increasing proportions, the question can only be when the spark hits the powder. Therefore I have ordered our agent Perrenot to close the Bordeaux office for now, and send all accounts to Balotelli in Marseille for the time being. Auguste Perrenot shall be given a generous pay for his last services; but moreover he is probably relieved. He has been poorly these past months. On my last visit to Bordeaux he could not even receive me. His wife then presented the accounts, she seemed even more capable than her husband. So I permitted her to stand proxy for him. With him, her, and their fifteen year old son, I had thought we would have been secured of a decent bookkeeper in Bordeaux for future years, but with the current situation: everything is taken to the point of doubt. The boy however did seem to have inherited both his parents' wits. I've just decided to write to Perrenot. If he wants, he can send his son to Marseille to learn the trade under Balotelli.

The accounts from the Parisian office have been sent to Anvers; the distance may be inconvenient, but at least the Austrians are more stable. I also sacked that inebriate Danton, he was unfit to be our agent anyway. The brewery and distillery 'Le Cheval Qui Rit' has been liquidated. The grounds and building brought up a decent enough price. With all that settled, I'll be quite content if the last accounts and gold have indeed been brought over. I have ordered Marseille to keep the fastest xebec of our fleet, the Bellona , in a state ready to sail out within a day. Let us hope it will all turn out to be unnecessary precautions.

Anna is still traveling. From her last letters I understood she is well and visiting many friends in the north. She will also deliver some paperwork and review the accounts of Anvers from the last six months, which still (!) had not been sent to me. I have a feeling something might be wrong there as well. It is for some time now that I do not share your confidence in our agent Marot. I would much rather combine the offices of Anvers and Amsterdam, or open a new one in Brussels or Ghand perhaps. In any case: Anna will find out quickly enough if something is indeed out of order; she carries a power of attorney for when needed and knows what to do, as always she does. I just fear for her next bills, during her last visit there she bought so many gowns and shoes we could have ordered the construction of a new brigantino! I did however wrote to her to avoid France and only travel south via the Swiss cantons.

On a brighter note from France: The recently hired captain of the brigantino Elisabetta , Giambattista Salvatore has already proven himself an able man that looks out beyond his orders. While anchored at Brest he got the offer of some strawberry seeds. Seeds indeed. Apparently, during these past years, the Bretons have been working on cultivating the strawberry by crossing species, using half cultivated wild ones with Chilean strawberries. This has now resulted in a strawberry that can be grown in a more agricultural method. Very interesting news. He obtained some boxes and I have already given the first boxes to our tenants to plant them forthwith.

Cara Madre, I shall finish now by conveying all the regards and well wishes from our friends here; and send this letter to you with the courier to Bassano, and a copy to Roma in case you are currently there or passing.
- Your always grateful and affectionate son,


And with this, during these summer months the farming tenancies at the Queen's Hamlet will grow very unexpectedly something quite new: Strawberries are the latest release within the G&S system. 

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Sugar Coating Ambassadors

By Abbondio Rezzonico, 2019-05-13

The Banco Rezzonico has various interests in the great city of Constantinople. Old enemies as the Ottoman Turks may be, we Venetians will nevertheless trade with them. Alongside it, more hushed, are also some diplomatic relations we maintain with various European ambassadors at the Sublime Porte in the city. Through these favoured relations we can secure our trade and at the same time provide some clandestine intelligence to the Vatican and the Venetian Republic.
We had already learned about the sudden death of the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire , Abdul Hamid I , now over a month ago. They say his death is the result of the astonishing defeat his army suffered by the Russian armies during the siege, and loss of Ochakov in the Ukraine, only four months ago. It is said that over 20,000 people have died. Despite the war between the Ottomans and the Russians , in which the Austrians now have joined in since last year - we have had a peaceful era of trade under his rule of nearly fifteen years. However, every time a ruler dies we instantly lose any and all favours and influence; and are urged to renew these as soon as possible. We have good hopes for the reign of the late sultan's nephew: Sultan Selim III , not yet 27 years old, is seen as a modern educated man, and a hopeful reformer of the Ottoman state affairs which have been shaken to the core because of this ongoing war. 

As the news came out we were already trying to set out our strategies; and are glad to have a trustworthy agent in the city. He gave us a interesting report on the current situation. But by mere luck we also received a letter from the British ambassador at the Sublime Porte. Sir Robert Ainslie happened to be a favourite and friend of the late Sultan Abdul Hamid I. We hope his grace and reputation will continue with the new Sultan; it is of the greatest importance that we are sure he remains a friend of ours. In his letter he complained about the lack of decent tea, I have already written to him that I shall send him some for his personal use on the next shipment that is bound for Constantinople. He also expressed a desire to receive some bags of sugar which he can use not only for his personal use - he has a renowned taste for sweet tea - but also to use for gifting to the new officials of the sultanate.

Not yet a day after writing out the order for some additional rice, destined for our Constantinople agent - as well as the luxury crops tea and sugar for the British ambassador - we received more news that makes it possible to achieve our goal through another route. Our revered uncle Cardinal Carlo Rezzonico has his own informants, and according to him the new Sultan is still very much depending on the current Grand-Vizier , Koca Yusuf Pasha ; whom has been in office for three years since he was appointed by the former Sultan. As it happens the Grand-Vizier has befriended the French ambassador to the Sublime Porte: Auguste de Choiseul-Gouffier , who considers himself first and foremost a scholar and collector of antiquities. Albeit a man of undoubted vanity, he is said to be clever enough to use it to his benefit - and therefore to that of his friends. The Cardinal has requested to send in his name some sugar for the ambassador's kitchen - as he seems to be very indulgent in sweets from his home country.

Our agent reported he is in need of more high quality rice, as some of the cargo from the the last shipment turned out to be damaged during the sea voyage. This extra cargo of rice will at least cover the costs of the shipping. And so it is that both farms under our tenancy have received orders for rice, tea, and most importantly: sugar. It seems we are not buttering up to these two ambassadors, but sugarcoating them; and through them hopefully the two most powerful men of the Ottoman Empire. Time will tell if it will be of any avail to our future endeavours. And with the French ambassador, who knows - it might even bring us some fine antiquities for the collections.

NB |  This is the backstory for the first two orders given out to the tenant-farmers of the Banco Rezzonico within the Queen's Hamlet; we are happy to welcome Satoharu Nakamura and Candace Ducatillon , who were both interested to try out for the position we wrote out to be filled in: WANTED - Tenant Farmer @ Queen's Hamlet

The Workings of the Banco Rezzonico (in G&S economy)

By Abbondio Rezzonico, 2019-03-26
The Workings of the Banco Rezzonico (in G&S economy)

fondata nel 1634

(rates and services)

Dated - April 1st [2019]

Lecturi Salutem,

By this publication the BANCO REZZONICO presents its current rates and services to the population of the Baroque Community of Second Life; currently restricted to the citizens and merchants of Rocca Sorrentina, Magritte and the Duché de Coeur (including the Queen's Hamlet). And we invite all considering to open an account to make an appointment with us. During a private meeting at the bank we shall do our best to answer all your questions and see what services might benefit your household and/or business.

Cordiali Saluti,
With kind regards,

Abbondio & Anna Rezzonico

The Banco Rezzonico was founded in the first half of the 17th century in the city of Venezia by the family Della Torre di Rezzonico, then wealthy merchants and upcoming patricians of La Serenissima Repubblica di Venezia - the Venetian Republic. Now an established bank of well over 150 years, it is part of the Rezzonico holding which consists of a mercantile fleet, a network of trade agencies all over Europe, etc. The Rezzonico family has made herself a factor of power and influence; and of status, as about 20 years one of their scions was elected to lead the Holy See. The Venetians are a different kind of noble: They are very aware of their position and enjoy the status and luxury, but deplore idleness and bad economics.

Since some time the Banco Rezzonico has a roleplay-active (and G&S-related) office in the barony of Magritte. The bank holds over a dozen accounts of local citizens, merchants, and artisans. We are not only a rp-partner in their story, but also function as an intermediate for their banking affairs - stretching from paying wages to staff to paying bills. Each account is therefore meticulously administrated. With this the Banco Rezzonico is acting as a real bank within a roleplay setting.

The -ONLY- authorized and validly acting bankers of the Banco Rezzonico are:
- Don ABBONDIO DELLA TORRE, Conte di REZZONICO [eszterhazy2 resident]
- Donna ANNA DELLA TORRE, Contessa di REZZONICO [reinettebellefleur resident]
No others will speak or act for our bank, and we shall not take responsibility for any actions by others that claim to do so without our permission.

The Banco Rezzonico is a Venetian bank and by default follows the currency of La Serenissima Repubblica di Venezia: the LIRA. This coin is in the 'verbal' use (an from hereon in this document) for the G&S-Coin. As in: 1 (one) G&S-Coin = 1 (one) LIRA

For the purpose and promotion of inter-communal trade within the RPG-estates where the Banco Rezzonico is active, we accept the different local currencies on a value of equality:
The French Barony of Magritte - 1 (one) Livre = 1 (one) Lira
The French Duché de Coeur (including the Queen's Hamlet) - 1 (one) Livre = 1 (one) Lira
The Neapolitan island of Rocca Sorrentina - 1 (one) Piastra = 1 (one) Lira

The following rate of G&S Coins/L$ is valid per this notice:
350 lira per 1 L$ (linden dollar)

NB: A reverse exchange is at this moment not yet possible, but might be considered an option for the future, depending on the economy and options for both the bank and its clients.

The following sums of G&S Coins we provided for the 'standard gold products' within the G&S-system:

125 lira for 1 basket of gold ore (5)
245 lira for 1 basket of gold ore (10)
290 lira per 1 ingot of gold
580 lira per 1 coffer of gold (20)

- Each registered account at the Banco Rezzonico will receive interest.
- Per this date [above] the annual rate of interest is 4,5 (four-and-a-half) percent
- At the first day of each month this interest will be calculated in proportion over the closing balance of the last day of the month, and credited to the account.
- New accounts need to be at least 15 (fifteen) days old, before they shall receive interest over the first month.

The Banco Rezzonico will charge a MONTHLY fee for her provided services, and this will be registered on your account-statement. The current rates are, for accounts with a balance of:
- under 25,000 lira - 50 lira
- 25,000 to 50,000 lira - 100 lira
- 50,000 t0 75,000 lira - 150 lira

The Banco Rezzonico will consider granting loans and/or investments to entrepreneurs individual and within cooperations, within the RPGs where she is active, whether it be a starting capital or extra funding to support an existing business. Sponsoring for projects is also an option.
For this we invite candidates to our office to present their plans and discuss the options. It would, for example, be possible to repay loans with profits (in lira) but also with products which are the result of the issued capital.

- Withdrawals under 50,000 lira will be processed immediately, but, again, only in the Bank (for the sake of roleplay). Small sums may be handed out directly, if the banker decides otherwise.
- Withdrawals above 50,000 lira are put under delay when the banker decides so (we might not carry it, we may need to exchange ourselves). in such cases the withdrawal is delivered by appointment later, or at least within a day.

- All accounts will be opened at a maximum of 50,000 lira and administered to a maximum of 75,000 lira. This is set to make sure that the Banco Rezzonico remains a roleplay-activity and not to deposit fortunes for the sake of interests.
- At the opening of a bank-account the account-holder will receive an account-statement which declares: the opening balance, deposits, withdrawals and the current saldo (closing balance)
- The account-holder has, of course, full rights over the account.
- The account-holder will receive an updated account-statement, within the first week of each month. Or at any moment he/she desires so. This account-statement is privy only to the account-holder and the bank.
- The account-holder may give authorization over the account to designated persons, and may decide under which conditions (for example limits of withdrawal per month, the transfer of wages or allowances, etc.)
- Each transaction will be registered in the account-statement.
- In case two account-holders may desire to transfer lira 'on paper' between accounts, they both either need to be present at the bank or have an authentic warrant (notecard) from the other party. 
For existing clients, when it is their wish to transfer money from their account to the account of another (i.e. for payments etc.), it is possible to do so by sending a notecard to their banker. NB: It is a necessity for both parties to be clients of the Banco Rezzonico.
- Accounts that have not been used for 40 days, i.e. no other transactions than those which are defaulted by the bank (interest and fees), will be deemed dormant; by which the bank will freeze the account until it is used again by the account-holder.

For now -ANY AND ALL SERVICES- are only available under the following conditions:
- to all active and/or residential members of Rocca Sorrentina, Magritte, and the Duché de Coeur (including the Queen's Hamlet), whether they be nobles, bourgeois, or paysans.
- Through on-SIM roleplay (needed for hud-transfer)
- The roleplay is not performed on the streets, banking rp will only be performed at an office of the Banco Rezzonico. Appointments can, of course, be made at any point. Unless the banker decides otherwise.

It is stressed that this is an initiative only the House of Della Torre di Rezzonico; meaning this is a voluntary thing, and therefore a roleplay activity independent from any management or location where the Banco Rezzonico is active. We - the Banco Rezzonico - offer our services at our own discretion and willingness, and therefore also reserve the right to refuse. In no way bears any other management, but that of the Banco Rezzonico, responsibility for it.

The Banco Rezzonico reviews her rates and services regularly, updated versions are always published. The latest version can be obtained in our office(s) and/or by request from one the bankers.