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AoR Personal Vendors

Tatiana Dokuchic
7 months ago
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AoR Personal Vendors are now available for those players who would like to become merchants, selling their AoR products for coins to other players.

The vendor is made up of four components:

[AoR] Personal Vendor box: you may use this simple box or, better yet, move the other three vendor components to another container more suited to the product you are selling

[AoR] Personal Vendor script: required to make the vendor magic happen, it cannot be changed by the merchant

.config notecard:  merchants should change this information to apply to their specific product

#Set the product name contained in this vendor.
ProductName = [AoR] Bread

#Set the product price.
ProductPrice = 50

#Message sent on touch
InfoMessage = Loaf of Whole Wheat Bread 8/8

#Notecard to give (Leave empty to not give any).
InfoCard = Product Information

#Owner IMs On/Off - Notify owner when someone purchased.
OwnerNotify = On

Product Information notecard (Optional): provides further information to customers

Load the vendor with multiple copies of the same product, bread for example, and start selling.  You will need a vendor for each product sold.  The merchant may touch the vendor for sales statistics.

Some thoughts about pricing.  You can ask Myriam (NPC Merchant)  for a Price List, i.e. items for sale with their Wholesale price.  This is a fair suggested price for merchants to use.

Myriam is intended to bridge any gaps where items may not be available from other players.  As such, her prices have been deliberately set low for the sale price and high for the purchase price.  Though the wholesale price is a good guide, merchants are always free to set their own purchase price.

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