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[AoR] Brewery

Tatiana Dokuchic
3 months ago
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AoR Brewery.png

It’s been a long time coming which will certainly make the ale & beer produced by our new Brewery even more flavourful! 

Many thanks to Sere and Aldo for their contributions to this endeavour.  I’ll post our discoveries in the Research Section but in the meantime here’s a quick start for the keeners.

Quick Start

For our purposes ale is differentiated from beer by its higher alcohol content.

Basic ingredients: Barley, Hops, Water

Crafters: Barrel, Brewery, Maltster


  • Use NPC Marcel the Maltster to exchange Barley for Malt
  • Use Brewery – Mash to change Malt & Water into Mash & Wort
  • Use Brewery – Sparge to change Mash into Mild Wort
  • Use Brewery - Boil to change Wort into Ale
  • Use Brewery – Boil to change Mild Wort into Beer
  • Use Barrel to age both Ale & Beer

See AoR Recipes:Alcohol for exact quantities


Breweries will be available in both Rocca Sorrentina and the Queen’s Hamlet.  Please contact Sere and Tatiana to get started.

As soon as we build up our stock, Beer and Ale will be added to the Household Challenge as staples of the weekly budget.


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