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A Caribean Adventure ...... Part 4

user image 2013-07-24
By: Alessandra di Fiorentino-Conti
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A Caribean Adventure by Alikasah01 and KianaDumont

Chapter 4

Crossing the Atlantic.

Soon we saw the coast of France only as a fading line at the horizon and as the sun came up to its full strength we were at the ocean.

Immediately we went down to the small Cabin, Captain Clodelle has assigned me.Matisse had an even smaller room, but so he was not forced to join the rest of the crew...the sailors seemed a bit rough.My skin was not used to be exposed to this strong sunlight without any protection. We got set as good as possible under this circumstances. Matisse was cleaning the floor and I tried to make the bunk , which was made of coarse wood, a bit more comfortable. After all was done, we sat down on the little wooden stools in the Cabin and looked clueless at each other and listened to the sounds of the waves and the ship, which seemed to groan and moan.


Unexpectedly someone knocked at the door and without waiting for permition a young sailor entered the cabin. The Captain is awaiting you for Lunch, dont let him wait...he does not like it! With a wide grin he went away.Insolence !I thought, I was not used to such a rude behaviour.

So we went upstairs on Deck than straight up the steps to the aft deck, where the cabin of Captain Clodelle was. I knocked and heared a loud Entrez!. Have a seat Monsieur Brouchet. The boy shall contact the cook in the galley...ordered the Captain. Matisse turned around and left the room . I took a seat. Opposite of me was the first officer Monsieur Vichot. He seemed kind and cultivated, the Captain introduced us and I noded friendly.

I still have problems to write about the food.... I ask for your understanding that I do not want to describe it any further. I guess ... I feel sick! I stammered, as the ship began to roll. I ran outside to the ships railing and feeded the fish. A rough laughter came from the Cabin behind me. In the same style the next days passed. In these days the bible of Claire-Sophie was a huge aid.

Matisse seemed to be used to this Lifestyle, but I feared about his good manners.... I heared him curse godless several times. His hair grew longer and longer and soon he did not look as the good behaved little Moor any longer. It will certainly take a lot of time again for him to unlearn all this. As I noticed on a walk onboard that the sailors taught him to fight with a saber, it was time to intervene. I taught him now every evening two hours in the Catholicism,

he now had to learn Bible verses by heart .


After a few weeks there was a big storm and I spent days seasick in my bunk. The Captain asked every day about my condition, that showed that there was a kind and warm Person behind the rough shell. He did everything to avoid the contact between me and the crew. Noone of them should notice that I am a woman. I was very glad , as he allowed me to lend some of the books of his little library....So the days passed boring and dreary. Matisse was used to his obligations on board and had fun while he climbed the Masts. Every time as I saw it I feard his soon death and was glad he returned safe and sound to the cabin.

One the morning I heard a sailor yell LAND! Land in sight ! Immediately I ran on deck and saw a thin dark line at the horizon. Several Seabirds, later known as Frigatebirds by Monsieur Lacpde, acompanied the ship...... I inhaled relieved..... MARTINIQUE!

Aldo Stern
24 Jul 2013 04:15:36PM @aldo-stern:

excellent storytelling

Alessandra di Fiorentino-Conti
24 Jul 2013 04:21:22PM @alessandra-di-fiorentino-conti:

Thank you, we are honoured to hear that from you Professore Stern :)

RIP Lady Olivia
24 Jul 2013 08:28:47PM @lady-olivia-chapman-deceased:

While I am glad to hear that you reached land before your illness could render you too frail, I am concerned at what awaits you! Please do take great care, and pray, tell Matisse not to climb masts anymore! Heights give me the vapors!

((Fantastic read! I can't wait to read what happens next!! :))

24 Jul 2013 11:16:51PM @jean-matisse:

Readers and friends: Don.t be anxious about me... it was a great fun!