Ángel Aramberri de Quevedo
VW: Second Life

Location: El Paso del Norte
Country: MX
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10 Jul 2012 04:58:15AM @quecay:

Un placer contar con vuestra amistad y presencia en NING.

Lady Aphrodite Macbain
12 Jul 2012 11:15:09AM @lady-aphrodite-macbain:

With pleasure madame. I look forward to meeting you- perhaps at a coffee party in Melioria.

Lady Aphrodite Macbain
12 Jul 2012 11:19:50AM @lady-aphrodite-macbain:

Welcome Angel!

23 Jan 2013 06:48:17AM @jean-matisse:
Red Ribbon
Lady Leena Fandango
19 Sep 2013 04:33:59AM @lady-leena-fandango:

/me curtsies and smiles, "Thank you for your friendship."