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I am Margaret More, Roman Catholic, I was born 1505, my beloved father is Sir Thomas More, who worked for Henry the 8 th. My father was a man who belived in humanistic thoughts and that sons and daughters had the same right  to an education. I got an education, and are an Author translator and one of the best educated and learned women of the sixteenth-Century England. I was the first woman, non-royal to publish a book, I translated Precatio Dominica/A Devout Treatise upon the Paternoster written by Erasmus. I also write poems. When Henry the 8th put my father in Tower, I visited him every day, My beloved father Statsman and Martyr. When my father was executed I bridged one of the guards to get my fathers head, I did want it to see it on a pike and thrown on the river.

My father wrote his story as he sat in Tower was published by my daughter, who also was well educated. As my father I believe in equal education rights for sons and daughters.


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