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QH The Farm: Community Resources

Tatiana Dokuchic
3 years ago
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The Farm  is the specific area of the Queen's Hamlet extending across the north half of Provence Coeur.  In RL most of the hamlet was built for decoration with small flower & vegetable gardens spread throughout the grounds. The Farm, however, was intended to be a working farm where the serious business of tending the land was done.

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Our QH version provides Co-op members not only with the equipment necessary for farming (pottery, basket making, spinning, cooking etc.) but also with the following resources which are free for any member to harvest:

  • Rence: Located in the NE corner in a bit of swampy ground.  Artisans should feel free to harvest this wayward rence and turn it into baskets, brooms, beer etc.
  • Trees: The Forest is located just behind the marketplace at the foot of the hill.   If you're a carpenter in need of fresh wood please feel free to fell a tree or two.
  • Kalana: Located east of the forest.
  • Goats: Located on the NE Side.   If you need wool or fresh milk please feel free to visit this small herd of nannies and take advantage of their excellent production. BYOJ/BYOB (Bring your own jar/basket).  Please don't sacrifice the goats.
  • Goat Meat: You'll find a stocked meat table In the barn next to the goats.  
  • Iron & Salt Mines: A short walk up the hill from the marketplace.  You'll find the mines here.

Please respect the ownership of the other resources spread throughout the hamlet in Provence Coeur Est and Provence Coeur.

Happy Harvesting!

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