Duché de Coeur - Becoming a RP$ Merchant

Tatiana Dokuchic
22 Jan 2010 08:39:59AM

Duché de Coeur Role-Play The Duch de Coeur is a friendly and romantic land inspired by historical France during The Age of Enlightenment (17th-19th centuries).

The bourgeoisie with their merchants were one of the most vibrant forces of pre-Revolutionary France and roleplaying a merchant provides a creative & interesting means of interacting with the community.

The quarterly Coeur Fair is an excellent place to distribute your RP$ wares with free booth rentals available during the fair weekend.

The use of the RPS RolePlay system is necessary to becoming a RP$ Merchant, selling goods for RP$. Find out more at Duch de Coeur - RPS Getting Started .

Selling Goods for RP$:
RP$ (RolePlay Dollars) unlike L$ (Linden Dollars) have no real value whatsoever but are meant to encourage a richer roleplay environment. See Duch de Coeur - RP$ Economic Basics .

~1~ The easiest way to sell goods for RP$ is in person , selling, trading or bartering as part of interactive rp with other players. The merchant gives an item to the customer and the customer pays the merchant using the $ on the RPS HUD.

~2~ Using a RP$ Vendor or RP$ Vendor Scripts is an alternative to selling in person and allows customers to purchase items when the merchant is not physically available. Not only do you receive RP$ via the vendor but you also get valuable Influence Points from each sale.

The Vendors/Scripts arelocated at the Duch RPS Welcome Area . They are freebut take a portion of the RP$ earned as an RP$-sink.

Creating Merchandise:
~1~ Regular items that enhance RP
Any good that can be sold for L$ can also be sold for RP$. A good way to start is with items that will enhance the Duchy roleplay; art, accessories, furniture etc. are all a good way to begin.

~2~ RPS Compatible Items
Scripts are available to make items compatible with the RPS. They fall into two categories, Enhancers (Food, Skills & Stats) which require a Trademaster Skill of 1 or more and Poisons (Food & Stats) which require a Poison Skill of one or more.

Scripts are sold at the Duch RPS Welcome Area and range in price from RP$10,000 for 10 level 1 scripts to RP$40,000 for 10 level 4 scripts. These funds go to the creator of the RPS System (i.e. they are taken out of the Duchy economy).

Instructions for the use of these scripts are included with the purchase.

~3~ Pricing your items in RP$. A good rule of thumb is to price your items 10 to 100 times the price you would charge in L$.

~4~ Object Permissions . I usually sell my RP$ goods as Copyas opposedto Transfer. That way they cannot be resold for L$.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions that will help you to get started.

I'm also available for RP$ loans and to act as a retailer for those merchants just starting out.
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Update: March 28, 2011