Emilie Juliette de Gramont
VW: Second Life

Location: Salerno
Country: IT
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Capacitatodd Principe diMelioria
08 Feb 2011 06:25:06PM @capacitatodd-principe-dimelioria:
Dearest Bella - At last. I am honored.
Ekaterina Vorontsova-Dashkova
03 Apr 2012 05:24:36PM @ekaterina-vorontsova-dashkova:
Dear Juliette,I'm very happy to have you as my friend. I hope we will be able to talk to each other often and sometimes meet inworld ^^
Tatiana Dokuchic
29 Nov 2010 02:45:50PM @tatiana-dokuchic:
Thank you for the thoughtful gift, Louise.I do hope that you enjoy your time here at Royal Courts :)
Tatiana Dokuchic
22 Jun 2011 08:41:17AM @tatiana-dokuchic:
Thank you for supporting Royal Courts. Your donation is truly appreciated! Tatiana