Gabrielle-Marie de Tancarville
VW: Second Life

Country: FR
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Conte Granara
04 Jan 2012 04:26:20PM @conte-granara:

Mlle de Chiverny, A pleasure to see you here. I hope you enjoy NING as much as I do!

Aimee Wheatcliffe
23 Jan 2012 07:49:51PM @aimee-wheatcliffe:

Hello there, little sister!

Lord Myron de Verne
08 Mar 2012 05:24:43AM @lord-myron-de-verne:

Thank you, Mademoiselle! *smiles until his face hurts:-)))*

Émilie du Châtelet
22 Mar 2012 05:52:32AM @emilie-du-chatelet:

Merci beaucoup :)

Ekaterina Vorontsova-Dashkova
23 Mar 2012 11:27:48PM @ekaterina-vorontsova-dashkova:

Merci beaucoup, Mlle. ^*^

I'll gladly come for tea. <)