Two RP's set in Georgian England

Lucy, Duchess of Marlborough
12 Feb 2010 06:39:25PM
Recently there was a meeting between the two Georgian England RP groups. An agreement was reached with smaller details to be worked out on the administrative level at a later date.

The agreement is as follows:
1) Our two groups are separate but working together. Theirs shall be set in Bath, Sommerset, England while this group is set in and around London.
2) Historical Nobles are set along party lines. We have the Tories (who support the monarchy), they have the Whigs.
3) As far as the monarchy goes, we have the George that is not yet mad.
4) Both courts shall honor the titles of the other court. This is impart due to the fact that we are splitting the noble titles by party line.

More updates are soon to follow as we continue to hash out the finalized details. This will in no way hamper our roleplay nor will it hamper our development of our structures.

On another note, Buckingham House looks amazing. We have also acquired our sims and will be developing them shortly.

-Lucy Shieldmaiden, Her Grace the Duchess of Staffordshire