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Summer Designs at Twelfth Night Designs!

Twelfth Night
10 months ago
219 posts

It has been awhile since I have designed some new fashions for my store.  I have been spending the summer piecing together some new looks and designing what inspires me at the moment.  This summer I am loving embroidery, color, sheer fabrics, and roses.  Below are a few of the gowns I have completed and most come in multiple colors. 

I also wanted to share a new RP hair I created inspired by Queen Victoria. I will be adding a modified version of this hair very soon. All the gowns and hair are available in my shop and on my SL marketplace.

Peacock Regency Gown AD.jpg

Peacock Regency Gown: $399L (New Regency Skirt Style)

Briana Green Gown.jpg

Briana "Green" Gown: $399L

Lacy Rose Gown.jpg

Lacy "Rose" Gown: $399L

Christina Lavender Gown.jpg

Christina "Lavender" Gown: $399L

Victoria Hair Ad.jpg

Victoria Hair - Fat Pack (15 Shades)

Your carriage awaits...

Happy Summer!

Twelfth :)

updated by @twelfth-night: 07 Jul 2018 10:33:14PM
Tatiana Dokuchic
7 months ago
1,722 posts

What a wonderful way to spend the summer!  They're all beautiful.

Quick question; would the "Lavender" gown work on a classic body?

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