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New Gowns at Twelfth Night Designs

Twelfth Night
2 months ago
219 posts

Spring into fashion!  As spring approaches, we all need a new dress and hat for those spring walks in the countryside. I am excited to offer some new designs in the shop and I am working on extra colors.  Gowns come in nine different mesh body types and are listed on my Marketplace.

You may also drop by the shop for a cup of tea and see the collection.

Your carriage awaits...

Chelsea Blue Gown.jpg

Cynthia Blue Ad.jpg

Valerie Red Gown.jpg

Helena Lilac Gown.jpg

Happy Spring!

Twelfth :)

Tatiana Dokuchic
2 months ago
1,722 posts

How beautiful!  Thanks for posting these.  I definitely need something new for spring!

(I resized your pictures to a width of 600px so that they would fit properly on the page and not cause page overflow.  It's unfortunate that the system doesn't do that automatically for us.)

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