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Varriale Designs - Glen Cairn Cottage

Skye Varriale
8 years ago
96 posts

Glen Cairn Cottage.png

This lovely cottage comes packed with a lot of amenities in a small footprint. This is a perfect family home with 5 bedrooms plus a full attic for a "man's cave" or additional one or two bedrooms. It has three baths, open concept eat-in kitchen plus a separate dining area. it comes with a lovely Spring garden with a Winter version coming out soon, two touch on and off Fireplaces, a sun room with fountain, a garden shed, window coverings, windows that open, automatic doors and a lighting system. It is partially furnished with removable items should you choose not to use them. All of this on a modest 40x40 meter footprint.

The home controller is for the window blinds and lighting only with 6 different zones controlled separately so each bedroom has it's own zone. Drop by my store and tour this lovely home. I will have it on display today at my main rezzer with the winter add-on available in a couple of days. It will be in all my rezzers by the end of the week.

Skye :)

Glen Cairn3.png

Tatiana Dokuchic
8 years ago
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I had the pleasure of visiting this cottage a few times while it was under construction and then after it was finished.  Skye's not kidding when she says there are a lot of amenities in a small footprint!

The gardens & conservatory are fabulous as always and I'm in love with the kitchen & staircases :)

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